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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tuscania & Olive Oil

Today we are docked at Civitavechia (the port of Rome, about 90 km from the city). Given the 90 degree heat, it being the height of summer tourist season AND it being a Sunday (think Vatican City), the thought of going into Rome wasn’t very appealing. So since I was just in Rome with Jessica in June, I decided to skip it this time around, and instead spend the day out in the countryside.

Heading North from Civitavechia as you drive towards Tuscany, you are technically not 'in' Tuscany, but a very similar region that borders it. The town I visited today was called Tuscania. Another medieval town with unbelievably scenic views. Sadly, since it was Sunday morning, most of the shops were closed. So the morning was spent just wandering through the cobblestone streets taking photos. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday! As we were driving down the country roads, the bus pulled up behind a team of Italian cyclists - thought it was a cool shot!

After visiting Tuscania, we made a stop at a local agritourist farmhouse for lunch. Similar to yesterday, there was pasta, cheese, prochiutto, sun dried tomatoes and more. So good! And we got to walk in the olive groves a bit and hear an explanation of how they harvest them and what constitutes a fine extra virgin olive oil. Of course they were selling their olive oil, but I didn’t buy any. Because… I still have a lot left in the giant tin I ordered from another agritourist farmhouse (that I like better) in this region from last year! (p.s. Those aren't sheep in that photo, it's a herd of WHITE cows roaming the countryside! Has anyone ever heard of white cows? Not me!)

Back on the ship this afternoon, I have it almost to myself. Most everyone went into Rome today and won’t be back on board until around 6pm this evening. Kind of nice – it's quiet and there aren't any lines for anything!

Tomorrow is Naples. I have no plan yet for what to see or do. There are a lot of choices – Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano, the Amalfi coast and the city of Naples itself. I’ve been to them all so I couldn’t decide what to revisit. Whatever I end up doing, I won’t be joining a shore excursion, so it will most certainly end up being a bit of an adventure... Hydrafoil to Capri? Train to Sorrento? Dodging vespas and eating pizza in the streets of Naples? So many choices, so little time…

Ciao for now!


Garcia said...

very cool cycling shot! looks like a stock photo it's so good!

Kelly said...

I second that.