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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Greek Island of Mykonos

I’ve sort of given Mykonos a bum rap over the years. Known internationally for its jet set night life, it isn’t thought of as much more. I was rather disappointed when I found out the only Greek port on this cruise other than Athens was Mykonos. Why not Crete? Why not Rhodes? Why not the breathtaking Santorini? But Mykonos it was.

There was one excursion I considered - taking a boat to the nearby island of Delos. And should I make it back to Mykonos someday, I will do that. Delos is a major Greek archaeological site and mythology has it that Delos is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. It’s easy enough to get to – no need to buy a cruise shore excursion. There are several ferrys that make the trip over and back throughout the day as Delos is only 2km off the coast of Mykonos.

Today, I actually almost didn’t even go ashore at all. I slept in then got up and had breakfast out on deck. And the beauty of Mykonos – with it’s little white rooftops and windmills set against the deep blue color of the Aegean Sea, convinced my to go ashore. I’m glad I did.

There really isn’t much to do in Mykonos. But that was the beauty of it. For one thing, we didn’t dock – we anchored off shore and had to tender in (for cruise novices that means go ashore on the lifeboats). The water was so beautiful, and there was such a wind blowing that the ride alone from ship to shore convinced me to go. Feeling the mist of the sea and the wind blowing against your face is an amazing feeling.

Once on shore I just wandered around through the maze of cobblestone streets, window shopping and taking photos. I made my way up to the windmills and got an incredible view of the ship out in the water and just took in the scenery.

It was a short port visit. We were only there from 7am until 1pm (and I didn’t go ashore until 10:20am). But it was a really nice way to spend the morning. We’re sailing now – with no land in site – enroute to the highlight of the cruise (at least for me) Istanbul. I’ve been here before – back in 2001 – but that was before I had a digital camera, so I’m so excited to visit again and capture the amazing sights to share. Don’t worry Mom, I’m going with a cruise ship tour – I won’t be wandering the streets of Istanbul alone (though to be honest, I was VERY tempted to do so!).

Lots more to come tomorrow after a long but wonderful day in Turkey!


Brianna said...

Hey Gina!! Love the blog today. Really Cool. Hope you liked your day @ sea.

Garcia said...

love the map at the top of the blog so we can follow your trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Beautiful pics....I was in Greece waaay back in '88....your photos and description of the sea mist in the breeze, the white washed houses.....takes me back!!
Must go back one day!! (Maybe we three girls can go someday.)
Breakfast on deck sounds lovely..Enjoy!!!
Can't wait to hear about Turkey....

Garcia said...

ps- sent this blog to my Mom who is traveling to Europe in October. She loves it! (hint-hint)

I also sent her a link to all your pics as she scouts out where to go, etc.

Keep on groovin!

Chris said...

Love that shot of the corridor with blue and white. That's a "money shot," as DG would say!