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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Good Things...

After the last post, I took the water taxi into Venice from the ship and spent almost 7 hours wandering around. What a wonderful afternoon and evening!

It's now midnight, ship time. And I'm back on board.

Sadly, the cruise is just about over. Tomorrow morning, I have to be out of my stateroom by 8am, so I'll have to make this brief. Luckily I packed this afternoon before going into Venice, so I won't be up all night (like usual!).

Glad everyone enjoyed the video! If it didn't take so long to upload over the ship's connection, I'd be tempted to stay up into the night uploading more. But I think it will have to wait until I get home. But I did take more video - in most of the places - and all will be posted within a few days of my return.

So for now, until I'm back stateside...

~~ Ciao ~~


KenB said...

Tuesday, September 9th? It's like your living in the future? Can you call me with some lotto numbers? Dog races? Stock quotes?

Loved the evening sailboat pic and the video, and the quote from the movie. And they say doing nothing means lack of character? I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sending it to me. Have a safe trip back


Garcia said...

we'll have a video and pic night when you return so you can tell us all about the trip!

Safe travels!

Brianna said...

I loved all of your blogs, pics, and the video. Hope you get home safely. Glad you had a great time. See you later. Love ya!!


MOM said...

I'm sorry also it's almost over.
What a wonderful trip.
Talk to you soon.