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Monday, September 8, 2008

Arriving in Venice

There really is nothing like arriving in Venice by cruise ship. Why? Because of the incredible vantage point you have. Standing on deck of a cruise ship, as you sail into Venice you literally tower over the city and see unbelievable panoramas that you just will not see any other way.

We’ve just arrived in Venice and reached our berth. If anyone happened to be looking at the Web cam on this blog between 6-7am US time this morning (ha!), you would have experienced sailing through the Grand Canal yourselves. But in case you weren't... here are some photos!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous – slightly cooler here (upper 80s instead of mid-90s) and as with all the other ports on this itinerary, blue skies with not a cloud in sight. As we sailed in past the bridges, churches, towers and many water taxis, Princess played Andrea Boccelli over all the loud speakers on deck. It was an incredible experience. This was the second time on this trip that tears came to my eyes. This time, it wasn’t for religious reasons – but instead, due to the overwhelmingly breathtaking beauty of what my eyes and ears were taking in.

It’s about 1:30pm here and we are docked in Venice overnight. I’m waiting a bit for the lines to subside a bit for the water taxis, then I’ll be heading out later this afternoon. As we passed San Marco Square the throngs of tourists were unbelievable. I’m hoping that by going in a little later, some of the crowds will subside. Plus, by going in later I’ll be able to spend some time exploring in the evening and see Venice after dark, as well as during daylight hours.

I’ll post more tonight when I’m back onboard. But I wanted to get a few images up now because they are just so incredible.

And.... I've uploaded a video clip too from the sail into Venice. Enjoy!

More later. Ciao for now!


Garcia said...

ohhh, please, please, please!! Post more video!!! I loved watching that and hearing Bocelli!

Almost brought tears to my eyes too! What memories in Venice!! Caprese here I come!! ;)

Garcia said...

ok, i've watched this video 2 more times!! More video please! :)

I guess it makes me feel like I'm there again!!

Brianna said...

I love watching the videos. I also love the pictures with you in them. I like the music. It is so cool. I wish I was with you. Hope you have a great time. Have a fun last few days on the trip. See you soon. Love ya!!


mom said...

loved the video. So beautiful.
Looks like best part of the trip.
More please.